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The DIAZ HERB is a well known manufacturernow step up in vertical farming to promoteVertical farms can produce food organically. We follow strict sanitation protocols to prevent pests and diseases. Ourvertical farm are automated to the point that people rarely touch the crops, and all workers wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and gowns. Most commercial-scale vertical farms focus on compact fast-growing crops like strawberries have grown successfully.


Our philosophy is producing fresh, delicious produce, as nature intended. The state-of-the-art technology in our vertical farm enables us to do just that. It empowers us to produce consistent, sustainable, superior quality produce, completely clean and pesticide free.


The growth in population around the globe is demanding living space and land to grow food and food products. The fertility of agricultural land is decreasing day by day due to the excessive use of synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, etc. Researchers are working on soil-less and less space-consuming solutions to grow plants. One of the solutions consists of vertical farming in which plants can be grown in a space that is not of particular advantage, such as used shipping containers, buildings on damaged lands, or warehouses . Although this kind of farming does not require a large space to develop, the environmental parameters need to be strictly monitored. The controlled environment for vertical farming needs to be fulfilled with monitored nutrients, temperature, and light. Vertical farming practices do not require soil particularly, so plantation can go in an upwards direction in the form of layers and sometimes reach up to multistory levels .

What is Vertical Farming ?

The method of planting crops in layers that are stacked vertically is known as vertical farming. It frequently integrate soilless farming techniques controlled environment agriculture, which tries to optimize plant development.

Are vertical farming sustainable

Vertical farming can increase food production while maintaining high quality and safety standards as well as contribute to long term urban farming .The well known benefits of growing food in urban areas can be helpful to the environment ,society and economy.

What we do

We use technology and sophisticated agricultural expertise to grow crops within a fully controlled environment. This allows us to consistently grow superior plants all year round, 100% free of any pesticide or biological substance, just as nature intended.

How we do it

We grow our produce in an indoor, fully controlled vertical farm. We utilise the manure in a smart and sustainable way supported by our delivering natural and clean energy.

We take the best from nature’s methods and combine them with cutting-edge technology. sophisticated irrigation systems, carefully regulated climate help us create the perfect growing conditions for our plants.


We safeguard our plants by keeping human intervention to a minimum and we’re totally pesticide free. This dramatically reduces plant contamination and offers safer food consumption.

The DIAZ HERB  team has developed new technology for the production of strawberries and many more crops  on automated vertical farms. DIAZ HERB  Berries technology allows you to get a good harvest of delicious, locally-grown, pesticide-free Strawberry all year round.

DIZA HERB  technology is based on the  drip irrigation to deliver nutrients to the

plants automatically by PLC System.

Vertical farming is one of the most advantageous growing methods for strawberries and other crops . It allows the plant root system to breathe and develop healthily, while consuming all the necessary elements from the nutrient solution. Additionally, Vertical farming allows you to minimise water usage and therefore, conserves resources and increases sustainability. With healthy roots nourishing the plant’s body, we get a bush that’s full of energy and full of berries.

Our confirmed result is up to 1.5–2.0 kg of Strawberries per planting place.

Strawberry Vertical Farming 

Vertical strawberry farming allows you to grow a large number of strawberry plants in a little area. Moreover, growing strawberry plants off the ground protects them from pests and fungal diseases. In addition, it reduces the need for weeding as well.

Strawberry Benefits

The benefits of strawberry fruits are many 

It protects heart health.

It increases HDL (which is good cholesterol).

Strawberry lowers blood pressure.

It fights signs of cancer. 

Strawberry are packed with vitamins & fibre and have high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols. Strawberry is a low-calorie fruit free from bad cholesterol, fat and sodium. Clinically proven, strawberry is a highly impactful fruit that prevents illnesses. However, your daily intake limit should be 8 pieces a day.

DIAZ HERB selected — a short-day variety with a growing cycle of 3 months. This berry is a hit , known for its red colour with an orange hue and a bright shine. The berries are almost uniform in size, have a perfect conical shape, and are very sweet and juicy.

Do you want to build your own farm using DIAZ HERB technology and grow fresh strawberries and other crops  all year round.Get in touch with us our E-mail id –

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